Dash for Cash

At the left of every slot machine is the Dash for Cash! This pays out a portion of what all players in a Dash contribute with their spins. There is no ante or fee to compete in the tournament, so you always have a chance to win!

To win, you must place in first, second, or third place by score. You increase your score by receiving line pays while you spin normally. The larger the win, the higher your score! Within the Dash for Cash first, second, and third place each win a portion of the Winner’s Pool displayed above the current positions.

Each tournament lasts for 15 minutes, plus a calculating results phase after the timer reaches 0:00. This phase allows players who received a bonus round or other exciting features before the timer hit 0:00 to finish and have those wins count in the current tournament.

If you’ve won a tournament, you will be directly notified by pop-up in the game!

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