What happened to my in-game friends?

If you suddenly lose the ability to gift or receive gifts from other in-game friends, it is possible that an unknown privacy setting may have changed, removing certain Facebook features from apps and other games. In order to verify your privacy settings, please check this Help Center article on Scientific Games Interactive's main Help page. If those instructions do not fix the issue presented, please continue with the steps below.

The following instructions will not effect your Facebook Player ID account progress.

At this time, please go to your Facebook Home page to remove the application from your Facebook profile. The Apps section is located at the left hand side of your Home page's News Feed. Click or touch the gear icon next to the App to see the options listed below.



Confirm the deletion of the app as shown below.



Once done, re-add the application by clicking on the following link:

Jackpot Party Casino Community.

Click on the blue Play Game button to add the app to your profile once again.

Since the profile will detect the re-installation, it will provide several options as if it was the first time the application was added to your profile. Make sure to click on “Edit this” to see these options.

In the options that appear, there should be a Friend List option. The blue check mark at the right will allow the application to access your Friend List as a permission and this should re-enable the feature in question. Once you have made sure the setting is enabled, select  save, then select Play Now.


Go into the game and check the gifting and friend features. It should now be reset and working as intended!


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