Honey Pass

Win extra coins, bingo balls, and more with Honey Pass!

Honey Pass is a month-long event that rewards you for completing your daily Honey-Do and Extra Credit tasks. The feature starts on the first of each month and is completed on the last day of the month.

How it works

As you complete each daily Honey-Do and Extra Credit task, you will receive a secondary currency called gems. These gems are then added to your Honey Pass progress bar that you can review anytime by navigating to your Honey-Do/Extra Credit window and then tapping on the Honey Pass icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.


In order to collect your Honey Pass rewards, you will need to reach milestones by collecting a specified number of gems. Once you have successfully made it to a milestone, you will then be able to collect your Honey Pass prize.

To review how many gems you will need to collect, tap anywhere on the Honey Pass bar. Once there, you will be able to see how many gems you have collected as well as how many you need to get the next reward. You can also swipe left on your screen while the Honey Pass window is open, to look at later milestones.


There is also a small countdown timer that you can check to see how much time is left for the Honey Pass season.


To review how Honey Pass works in-game, tap on the speech bubble with “info” written inside of it. That will bring up a new window that explains all the Honey Pass features.


Claiming rewards

Every time you have reached a milestone, a small alert indicator will appear right next to the Honey Pass icon. To claim your reward, tap anywhere on the Honey Pass bar and then tap on the claim button right below the milestone gem.

Honey Pass Plus+

Along with the awesome freebies you get for completing your Honey Pass, you can also purchase a Honey Pass Plus+ that unlocks even more coins, Honey Bucks, and bingo balls. This pass is only $5 but has value up to $50. Buying a Plus+ pass will also reward you a platinum key for Cleo’s Treasures.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, you will need to reach every milestone in your Honey Pass Plus+ bar in order to receive the full value of the Honey Pass Plus+. The rewards from the Pass Plus+ will not be added to your account automatically.

The milestone requirements for the Honey Pass Plus+ rewards will unlock above the milestone tracking bar.


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