High Low Showdown

Are you ready to battle some outlaws and show them what justice looks like? Well, get your button finger ready for battle because it’s time to take down the baddies in High Low Showdown!

To access High Low Showdown when it is active, navigate to the start of the lobby screen and then tap on the High Low Showdown tile. Please keep in mind that this bonus game has a time limit in which to complete it. The time remaining is located at the bottom of the High Low Showdown tile.


Getting ammo

To begin playing, you will need to grab some ammo from Bonnie’s Ammo Store. You can do this by tapping on the bullet icon in the top right-hand corner. Alternatively, if you choose your showdown bet and you do not have any bullets, the game will automatically open Bonnie’s Ammo Store.


Each bullet is worth 10 honey bucks. When the bonus game is over, any leftover bullets you purchased through Bonnie’s Ammo Store will be converted back to honey bucks and refunded. You will receive a message in your mailbox where you will be able to collect them.


How to play

Once you have gotten your ammo, it’s time to choose what you would like to bet. You can choose between the regular showdown or the super showdown to win even bigger prizes.


Each time you have successfully taken out an outlaw, you will receive a bounty. This bounty will be stored in your bounty pool. At any point between outlaws, you can choose to cash out of the game early. Once you cash out, you will receive whatever is stored in your bounty pool. You will also be taken back to the start of the showdown where you will need to face off against the first outlaw again.


When you’re ready to take on an outlaw, tap on the play button located to the right of the cash out button. To the right of the play button, you will get to see what outlaw you’ll be up against, the crime they committed, and the bounty you will receive by successfully taking them out.


To win a showdown, you will need to guess whether your card will be higher or lower than the outlaw. And in our High Low Showdown, aces are high.

When you are ready to lock in your guess, tap on either the high button located at the top, or the low button located right below it.


Once you have gotten through all of the regular outlaws, you’ll get a chance to take on the Big Boss to win the High Low Showdown jackpot!

If you have successfully beaten all of the outlaws, including the Big Boss, you will receive your bounty pool plus the Big Boss Jackpot prize.

The High Low Showdown jackpot prize also contains an exclusive All-Star named Robin Steele. You can only accumulate points for Robin Steele by successfully getting through all of the outlaws, including the Big Boss.


Once you have either beaten the Big Boss, lost to an outlaw, or cashed out your bounty pool, the game will restart. There is no limit to how many times you can play High Low Showdown if you have the ammo to choose your bet.

If you run out of ammo and honey bucks, you can purchase more honey bucks through the special honey bucks store. You can also receive honey bucks by completing your Honey-Do tasks, opening a party prizes, and getting some extra credit in.

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