Free coins

We know you love free coins so we have made sure that there are a lot of ways you can collect them!

Daily Bonus

Log in every day to collect your daily bonus wheel spin!

Every day that you log in, you can spin the daily bonus wheel for free coins!

Additionally, each subsequent day you log into the game, you will also receive a daily login streak bonus!



Timed Bonus

In the right-hand bottom corner of the lobby is the hourly timed bonus. Tapping on the balloons will add free coins to your bankroll.

Your timed bonus can be collected every hour. Once four hours have passed, the timed bonus will stop charging back up.

Starting at the Beginner rank in Lightning League, you will receive a time bonus multiplier perk. Check out our Lightning League article for more information!


Facebook community

For our players with Facebook-linked accounts and have joined our Facebook community, we often send out free coin links through Facebook notifications.

Other ways to get free coins

We have a lot of other ways you can earn free coin prizes!

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