Player Center

Do you need to check on your All-Stars progress? You can do all of that and more in the Player Center.

The Player Center is the central hub to manage everything in your account. To access, you can tap on three different locations:

  1. Settings gear icon in the top right-hand corner;
  2. Player profile photo;
  3. Mailbox in the lower left-hand corner.



The profile section of the player center is where you can update your information such as your name and email address. Once you have All-Stars unlocked, you can also change your profile picture!

When you see the pencil icon, you can tap on that icon to change that specific part of your profile information.


In your profile, you can also check to see what version of Jackpot Party Casino is installed, your Player ID, your level progress, and also how long you have been playing!

Star Power

Near the bottom of the profile section of the player center, you are able to review your Star Power progress. Your Star Power is based on your average bet and is updated on a daily basis.

The star power gauge lets you see your progress on how close you are to leveling up your star power. This section will also show you the rewards that star power can enhance!


You can also see what level your star power is by checking out your win bar, right next to the party prize icon!



Keep track of all of the characters you have unlocked in the All-Stars section of your Player Center!

For more information on All-Stars, read our guide!


The settings section of the player center is where you can adjust your music and sound effects settings, review the Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy, as well as access our help center and reach out to our customer support.


If you have made a purchase and have encountered an issue, the settings section is also where you can try to restore your purchase.

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