Bingo Countdown

Are you looking for another way to earn free coins in-game? Bingo Countdown is a great way to earn free coins and party prizes—and even in-game items like Honey Bucks and Pick’em Party passes!

When you have unlocked Bingo Countdown, you will be able to click on the Bingo Countdown icon to access the feature.

Bingo balls are a possible reward from Party Prizes.


Bingo Countdown has three tiers to progress through—Bronze, Silver, and Gold. As you move up through the tiers, completing your bingo becomes more challenging with timers and more difficult patterns to match—but the party prizes get bigger and better!

Since there is a limit to how many bingo balls you can hold at once, be sure to use them often so you don’t miss out on any prizes!

Bronze (blue) tier


There is no time limit to complete your Bronze tier cards.

Once you’ve hit a bingo in the Bronze tier, you will then automatically move up to the Silver tier and receive a party prize!

Silver Tier

Once you have unlocked the Silver tier bingo card, the countdown timer will start. You will have two days to finish. If you are unable to complete your Bingo card when the timer is up, you will be automatically bumped back down to the Bronze tier.

Completing the Silver tier bingo card will automatically move you up to the Gold tier and you will receive another party prize!

Gold Tier


After completing your Silver tier bingo card,
the countdown timer will start right away for your Gold tier card.

Just like the Silver tier, you will have two days to complete your Gold tier bingo card. Plus, if you finish before the timer runs out, the leftover time will roll over for your next card. The maximum capped time allowed is four days.

If you are unable to complete your Gold tier bingo card before the countdown finishes, you will be automatically downgraded to the Bronze tier.

When you successfully complete a Gold tier bingo card, you will receive an even bigger party prize! You will also receive a new Gold tier bingo card to daub.

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