Party Prizes

When you win big in Jackpot Party, you get more than just coins in your bankroll—you also get a party prize! Party prizes come in different sizes, awarded randomly, regardless of the size of the big win.

There are a variety of goodies you have the possibility to win in a party prize, including All-Stars points and character unlocks, Pick ‘em Party passes, bingo balls, honey bucks, and free coins!



When you accept a party prize, it will appear in your party prize tray where you can hold up to four prizes at a time. Each prize has a timer that you must manually start in order to open it. You can only have one timer activated at a time.

Party Prize Size Time to unlock
Mini 1 hour
Minor 2 hours
Major 4 hours
Grand 6 hours
Mega 8 hours

To keep track of your party prizes, you can check your party prize tray, located at the bottom of your screen. This tray is accessible while in the lobby as well as when you are in a slot machine.

To expand your party prize tray, tap where your slot wins are displayed. To close the tray, tap again in this area.



You can pass or accept on any prize. You can also use your honey bucks to skip the timer if you want!

Party prizes are awarded when you win a coin payout at least 25x your bet.

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