Epic Collections

Collect cards to unlock cool prizes with Epic Collections! When you have collected all the cards, you’ll unlock the ancient treasure!

When Epic Collections is available and active, it can be accessed by tapping on its icon in the menu that is located on the right-hand side of the screen.


Collecting cards

When you enter Epic Collections for the first time, there will be a brief guided tutorial where you will receive a free crate.

Cards can be found in crates and crates can only be found in party prizes. However, not all party prizes will have a crate inside.

There are different types of crates just like there are different types of party prizes. The progression of crates is Jack, Queen, King, Ace, Epic. A Jack crate is more common than an Ace crate and the Epic crate is the rarest of all.


Duplicate cards

There is the possibility of receiving duplicate cards as you progress through your journey. These duplicate cards will automatically go to your Trading Post. Once you have collected a specific number of duplicate cards, you can tap on the trading post to exchange them for an unopened crate.


Completing your journals

When you open a crate and receive your cards, they will be automatically sent to your journal. Once you open your journal, you’ll see what cards you have found, and which ones are missing. Each card you find will also add free coins to your bankroll.

After you have found all the cards in your journal, you can then unlock your map piece that will help you find the ancient treasure. In order to unlock the map piece, you will need a completed journal and the correct amount of Honeybucks.


Once you have completed your first journal, you will unlock the rest of the journals that will help you locate the other map pieces. As you continue to open crates, new cards will be automatically added to their respective journal.

When you have completed all your journals, the full map will be revealed, and the treasure is yours!


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