Collect your favorite Jackpot Party characters with All-Stars!

To access your All-Stars collection, first access your player center console and then tap on the All-Star tab.

The Player Center is the central hub to manage everything in your account. To access, you can tap on three different locations:

  1. Settings gear icon in the top right-hand corner;
  2. Player profile photo;
  3. Mailbox in the lower left-hand corner.

When you unlock an All-Star, you get to use that character as your profile picture. Show off by choosing an All-Star you have upgraded!



Starting out

When you have unlocked All-Stars, you will automatically start out with one All-Star character unlocked. As you play and open party prizes, you have the chance to add new All-Stars into your roster!

Along with unlocking new characters, you also have the chance of collecting All-Star points. These points go towards your character’s upgrade!

How to upgrade your All-Stars

To upgrade your All-Stars, you will need to collect both All-Star points and Honey Bucks.

All-Star points are one of the rewards you have the chance to earn when opening a party prize. The number of points you win per party prize varies. The amount will display inside a star next to its All-Star character.



Make sure to keep an eye on how many points you have! Once you have hit the maximum number of points, you will be unable to collect further points for that specific All-Star character.

Once you have maxed out the All-Star points for a character, you can then upgrade them!


To upgrade your All-Star, go to your Player Center, tap on the All-Stars tab, and then tap on the character with maxed out All-Star points.


Tap on the Rewards button and then tap on the Upgrade button to spend your honey bucks on your All-Star. Then watch as your character gets a new look!

When you upgrade an All-Star, you also have the chance to receive free coins!


Active and Inactive All-Stars

You can only earn All-Star points for active All-Stars or the Featured All-Star.


Every two weeks, your active All-Star lineup will refresh. Featured All-Stars are only available for a limited time. The time remaining for your active All-Stars is displayed in your All-Stars player center section.

When an All-Star is inactive, you will be unable to collect points in party prizes for that specific character. However, you are still able to upgrade any All-Star with max points, regardless of its active state.
You can also select whatever All-Star you have unlocked for your profile image.

Exclusive All-Stars

Exclusive All-Stars are special characters that require a specific task or requirement to meet in order to upgrade. For example, Honey's All-Star points can be collected only by completing your Honey-Do list. In the example below, points for Lucky—an exclusive all-star—can be collected in party prizes with a star power of 4 or above.


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