Pick’em Party

Occasionally, a special mini-game called Pick’em Party will appear in the game!

When Pick’em Party is active, an additional icon image will appear on the right-hand side of the game, right next to where you can find the Honey-Do List and Bingo Countdown.


In order to play Pick’em Party, you will need to collect the specified number of Party Passes. These passes are one of the many different rewards that could appear in party prizes.

Once you have located all of your passes, it’s time to play Pick’em Party!

Tap on the Pick’em Party icon on the right-hand side to access the feature. Once the party has started, balloons will pop-up on your screen. Tap the balloons to pop them—try to get as many as possible before the party pooper shows up!

The more balloons you pop, the bigger your end prize will be!

Once the party pooper has ruined your Pick’em Party, the feature will end and the coins will be added to your bankroll.

If you can pop all of the balloons before the party pooper appears, you will win the Supreme Party Prize—our biggest Party Prize ever!


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