Lightning Leagues

Are you ready to win amazing in-game free coin prizes, boost your free coin bonuses, and even earn coin store perks?

Once you have unlocked Jackpot Party Lightning Leagues, you have a chance to earn League medallions with every winning spin on Leagues-eligible slot machines. Just look for the slot machines with the League medallion in the top left-hand corner.


You can track your league division status and also find Leagues-eligible slots in the Leagues slot room.


Division perks

Division Rank Perks
Beginner 1.1x timed bonus
Rookie I 1.5x timed bonus
Rookie II 2x timed bonus
Intermediate I 3x timed bonus
Intermediate II 5x timed bonus
Pro I 7.5x timed bonus
10% store perk
Pro II 10x timed bonus
20% store perk
Expert I 15x timed bonus
30% store perk
Expert II 20x timed bonus
40% store perk
Master I 25x timed bonus
50% store perk
Master II

30x timed bonus
60% store perk

Here's an example! If you are in the Pro I division, your timed bonus increases from the base amount of XX to the boosted amount of XX and you receive 10% more coins per purchase!

Leaderboards & Weekly competitions

Jackpot Party Lightning Leagues lasts for seven days and then your weekly cumulative score will restart.
If you are in the top ranking for your division, you will be promoted to the next tier. If you do not place high enough for a division promotion, you will either stay in the current division or even be demoted—losing out on your perks!

Any perks you receive from your division will last for the entire week you are in that specific division.
Players who finish at the top of their division will receive an additional Party Prize on top of their division perks

To review the Lightning League rules in-game, just tap on the "i" information icon while in the Lightning Leagues rooms.


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